Task not completing

Mar 15, 2013 at 5:51 PM

I have just been testing out the Report generator Task and am liking it, however there are a couple of questions I could use some help on.
  1. I have had it generate a straight forward report and save it as a PDF ... no problems. When I expand the test report to include a parameter, the report is generated with the correct data, but the task does carries on processing, i.e. doesn't return back success or failure. Why would this be?
  2. I have set use a prefix on the file name from a variable, but it doesn't. If I select the add sate then it adds the date to the file name but not my variable. I have created a variable called licence and hard coded a default value of 999999, so was hoping the report would come out as 999999Reportname.PDF
  3. Is there a way to parm in a 'save as' value
thanks for any help